About The Trust

Revesco Properties Trust is strategically designed to generate a consistent stream of predictable income through planned quarterly distributions. What sets us apart is our keen focus on elevating the fund's value through astute financial strategies. These strategies allow us the potential to further increase the value of the assets through mortgage principal paydown, accretive leasing activities, and strategic development initiatives to expand the leasable area.
"RPT is the natural progression based on requests from our Revesco investors. They wanted to participate in a larger real estate opportunity with us."
— Rhys Duggan (President & CEO)

What Is RPT Offering?

RPT is set up to be predictable income through quarterly distributions with upside created by enhancing the value of the fund through mortgage principal paydown, accretive leasing activities, increasing leasable area through development activities and reduction of financing costs. We believe that half our return is made on buying good quality assets and then improving them with distributions made from existing asset cash flows.

“Predictable income
with upside in US Dollars.”

Fund Information

Fund Details:

U.S. Dollar denominated; open-ended mutual fund trust

Unit Classes:

Class A - Fundserv code: RBS 1900
Class F - Fundserv code: RBS 1902

Minimum Subscription:


Subscription Frequency:


Targeted Distribution:

6% per annum

Target Total Return:

10-14% Average Annual Return



Carried Interest:

25% in excess of 7% preferred return

Sponsor Coinvest:

10% up to a minimum of $5 Million USD

"RPT represents my children's inheritance – we take a very disciplined approach to all acquisitions and a hands-on approach to asset management."
— Scott Lee (Trustee)

Where Is RPT Heading?

Revesco Properties Trust currently has almost $100M assets under management. Over the next 5-7 years, the Fund looks to have $1B under management. NOW is the time to INVEST alongside us.

investment structure chart

2731 17th St. Suite 300,
Denver CO 80211
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1090 West Georgia St. Suite 1310,
Vancouver BC V6E 3V7
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